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The Arriaga park was finalised in 1979 on pasturelands and orchards. It is currently the largest park in the city with a surface of 18 hectares, where over 30 species of birds live together with a great variety of trees pdf such as elm trees, magnolia trees, beech trees, sequoias... There are also fruit trees and immense poplars, next to the old river bank of the River Avendaño, the bed of which is now underground. The park has play areas and swings, as well as fountains, toilets, a skating park, bowling greens, table tennis and basketball hoops...

The “Juradera” hermitage, which is now closed to the public, can be found behind the old poplar grove. It was built on top of the old San Juan Chico hermitage, the former headquarters of the brotherhood formed by the rural gentlemen of Álava in order to defend their privileges, until their voluntary surrender to Castilla on the 2nd of April, 1332, on the field of Arriaga.


  • Visit the rose garden or walk until the Biodiversity Garden.
  • Attend the Napoleonic Market in March, the popular Rocío in May or the bonfires for the night of San Juan in June.
  • Contemplate the pond which is 4600m2 and its aquatic birds from the auditorium stands.
  • Relax or have a snack on the grass in one of its multiple green areas.
  • Locate next to the “Juradera” hermitage, the sprouts of the tree of Gernika (an oak) and the pond waterfall which is on two levels.

Visits and further information

If you wish to discover this space in person and enjoy a more personalised explanation, please contact the municipal tourist office on (+34) 945 16 15 98.

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