La Florida Park

Parque de la Florida

The garden of La Florida is located in the heart of the city and it’s the most emblematic park in Vitoria-Gasteiz. Created in 1820, its design takes inspiration from the style of the Romantic French gardens of the time, transmitting a sensation of a larger surface with the almost labyrinthine layout of its paths, which run through unimaginable spaces such as the grotto, the waterfall, the creek, the bandstand, the lovers’ bench…


  • Search for the fern-shaped beech on the botanical itinerary (clue: close to La Senda).
  • Contemplate the statues of the Gothic kings Sigeric, Liuva, Athaulf and Theodio, sculpted in 1750.
  • Enjoy the scents of the “Secret Garden of the Water”.
  • Recognise the tawny owls, blackbirds, sparrows or the over 20 other types of birds that live at La Florida.
  • Visit the monumental nativity scene during the Christmas period with over 200 full-scale figures.
  • Visit and learn about the history of the "Tree of Love". in new window)

Botanical itinerary

In order to get to know some of the 250 species that live in the garden, there’s a route that will introduce you to up to 42 species of trees and bushes which have their names written at their bases.

When you visit the park with your family, a fun activity is to choose a tree and “sponsor” it. To remember the specimen, we recommend that you draw it and note down its height, the width of its trunk and the shape of its leaves, that way you’ll be able to recognise it in the future.

Trees of special note

  1. Fern-shaped beech
  2. Virginia Tulip Plant
  3. American Black Walnut Tree
  4. Sequoia
  5. Yew
  6. Gingko
  7. Himalayan Cedar
  8. Cercis Siliquastrum ("Tree of love")

Giant sequoia and nearby gardens

The Obispo Fernández de Piérola Gardens are located very close to La Florida, where the metal figures of a rhinoceros and a crocodile reside. This small park provides access to the Cathedral car park.

Just opposite the northern exit of the car park is the small garden, where a giant sequoia lies, killed by a fungus in 2014. The trunk, which is over 40 metres wide, remains there as yet another symbol of the city. For a long time, this specimen, declared an “outstanding tree”, was one of the tallest trees in the state.

Visits and further information

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