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Turismo - Catedral María Inmaculada

The Museum of Sacred Art is located in the New Cathedral, a neo-Gothic building the construction of which began in 1907; came to a halt between 1914 and 1946; and which was consecrated in 1969. Its inside space is open and it has five high naves which are illuminated by magnificent windows from the Maumejean stained glass company. The spiritual element and the museum coexist in the temple as the chapels of the ambulatory form the museum’s rooms.


  1. Gargoyles, one of them depicting a soldier wearing a gas mask.
  2. The stained glass windows in the chancel.
  3. Crypt: sculpture on capitals, keystones and sepulchre.
  4. Museum of Sacred Art: in its rooms you can trace the tracks of the first Christians, see sections of Romanesque temples, Gothic images carved into wood, the original sculpture of the Virgen Blanca (White Virgin), Flemish triptychs, Renaissance altarpieces, canvasses by El Greco, Ribera, Carreño de Miranda or Alonso Cano, amongst others, and an interesting collection of silverwork. Online catalogue(Opens in new window).


Calle Monseñor Cadena y Eleta s/n, 01001 Vitoria-Gasteiz.

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