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Lanterns Museum

This museum contains beautiful lanterns made of polychrome glass used in the "Rosary of the Lanterns" procession.

The lantern procession is held on the night of August 4th each year.

The building

The building in which the lanterns are housed was built in 1900 on a plot of land resulting from the demolition of two houses in Zapatería street and is constructed according to the plans, design and guidance of the local architect, Mr. Fausto Iñiguez de Betolaza.

The museum

The guild of candle makers who have been followed by the pastry-makers and confectioners of today promoted the creation of the Virgin Blanca guild in 1613 to promote the worship of this virgin.

Manuel Díaz de Arcaya, a resident lecturer from Vitoria at the time, took the initiative in Zaragoza in 1895 of establishing a "Rosary of the Streetlamps" in Vitoria. This would provide greater splendour to a very modest procession which, since 1614, had taken place in honour of the Virgin Blanca on the night of the 4th of August.


  • The rosary: 15 contented, painful and glorious mysteries, 15 Our-Fathers, 15 Glories, 150 Hail Marys.
  • The litanty: 9 Kyries, 3 Agnus, 5 Salutations, 48 Dedications.
  • The Hail Mary.
  • Image of the Virgin Blanca.
  • Every 4th of August at dusk, the beautiful lanterns that make up the procession are lit and taken through the main city streets.

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