International Festival of Theatre of Vitoria-Gasteiz

Festival of Theatre

The festival is one of the most important cultural events for the people of Vitoria and a reference point for many Spanish cities. For four decades the festival has offered a wide range of national and international theatre, covering all genres, from classical theatre to the most avant-garde.

An ever-vibrant Project

How is it possible to relinquish the "Festival" phenomenon in a city staging one of the most veteran, despite the fact that similar projects, even today, have spread out to all corners of our geography?

So many years of work and such a warm response from the public, it deserves to remain a relevant event. Something that arrives in autumn to our city to be greeted by expectant audiences and the media, not to mention the companies themselves wishing to showcase their works at the Teatro Principal Antzokia and the rest of the municipal theatres.

The festival is bound to be a cultural project in constant search for definition, but always eagerly awaited... in new window)

The Festival Today

The International Festival of Theatre is organized by the municipal network of theatres. Its goals:

  • To be an international sample of the best theatre being produced today.
  • A commitment to all nature of artistic languages, from the most avant-garde to the all-time classics.
  • Dedicating retrospectives to emerging authors.
  • Championing the cause of local companies.

Recent editions have re-introduced spaces for debate and reflection on the medium of the stage. This fact has allowed companies, audiences and creators, to step aside and enjoy what surrounds the theatre when the performance has finished.


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