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A number of links lead to the most popular contents to enable users to find what they want quickly. These include shortcuts(Opens in new window) and the municipal agenda(Opens in new window).

Homepage. Shortcuts: GeoVitoria: Utility used to locate streets, buildings... Agenda: Activities for the next seven days The City Council: municipal and administrative organisation. Citizens' Mailbox: Area for suggestions, complaints and comments. Contractor profile. Social networks...


This list links to pages that group content by topic, contents and nature of the information. We can highlight the following sections:

Shortcuts: agenda, subject areas, Geo Vitoria, procedures, regulations, the City Hall, citizen's mailbox, social networking, subscriptions to information


This site features the agenda for the following seven days.

Acts (text in orange) and events (text in blue) are distinguished because the events are acts repeated over time or exhibitions that last several days.

Utility used to download electronic agendas, Day and week selector, View by weeks, Full View, Previous week, Acts, Events, Filter of acts and events by subjects, important calendars

More information on downloading the agenda to electronic agendas.

Subject areas

There are 16 subject areas covering the contents of a specific subject(Opens in new window) organised by type of information.

Subject areas: List of topics and search box

Each subject area is based on the following structure.

Subject type: Contextual Menu, Associated locations, Common queries, Procedures in this field, News


Space for municipal procedures available from the "Shortcuts."

Link to procedures by area of action, Specific procedure search engine, List of procedures, Recent procedures, Favourite procedures, Procedures for the near future, Common procedures

The specific procedure search engine indicates, while we write, the documents that include the words entered in the title. If you are unable to find what you are looking for, you may access a list of all procedures available.

Specific search engine for procedures

Municipal legislation

From the "Shortcuts" drop-down menu, you may access the section titled, Regulations, where you will find by-laws, edicts, regulations...

In addition to presenting regulations that have been approved, that are highly significant and those that are in their public information process, there are further utilities to find information of interest, such as the specific regulation search engine, filtering by topic and categories, access to documents that are no longer in force or that are pending approval.

Home Regulations:  Most recent applicable regulations, Regulations in public information process, The most prominent. Search tools: Filter by subject area, Filter by type of legislation, regulation, by-law... Access to documents no longer in force, Specific search engine for regulations

The specific regulations search engine indicates, while we write, the documents that include the words entered in the title.

Specific regulations search engine

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