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As a result of the Sustainable Mobility and Public Space Plan, the City Council of Vitoria-Gasteiz is seeking to organise the traffic of private vehicles with a view to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, one of the main issues related to climate change. In addition, given that public space is limited and that there is an ever-increasing number of private vehicles, regulating parking is one of the city council's priorities.
In late 2009, a significant reorganization of the OTA took place, followed by a second phase in January 2010. This new organization seeks the following objectives, among others:

  • Provide parking spaces for residents near their homes.
  • Introduce a rotation system that is compatible with commercial and service-based activities.
  • Prioritise the use of public transport over private vehicles.

The possibility of parking the first 15 minutes for free seeks to enhance the mobility of vehicles, although it is necessary to obtain a ticket indicating this option at the ticket machines

icono FAQs

Residents (green)

Residents and business owners who have a card for the area are not subject to a time limit when parking. Other users may also park for a maximum period of 90 minutes if they purchase the relevant ticket.

Short stay (blue)

Anyone parking in these areas, even residents and business owners, will be entitled to park for a maximum of 90 minutes and they must acquire a ticket at the relevant ticket machines.

Exclusive for residents

(GREEN with a sign stating ONLY RESIDENTS-EGOILIARRAK, or unpainted parking spaces in the Medieval Quarters). These may only be used by people who have the relevant resident or business owner card for the area. This regulation will not be applicable on official feast days or between August 5 and August 31, inclusive.

Very short stay

These are parking spaces in an OTA area that are indicated by means of an orange line.

Any person may park in these areas for a limited period of time (15 minutes) and must display an OTA ticket (free). In this case, there is no distinction between user groups.

If the information on the page does not match your information requirements, please apply via the Citizens' mailbox.