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A beautiful 16th century, Renaissance building equipped with modern technical equipment (PA systems, projectors, simultaneous interpretation booths, etc.).

The stunning, main Martín de Salinas room (named after Carlos V s ambassador from Vitoria who had this beautiful palatial residence built next to the medieval wall) is clad in stone and can accommodate up to 220 conference delegates. The building also has other, smaller rooms, a multi-purpose exhibition area and a column-surrounded courtyard.

Tourist information about the Villa Suso palace.


Confference rooms
Room m2 Cocktail Theater
Martín de Salinas 217 150 140
Pedro Martínez de Álava 85 30 30
Exhibition areas
Place Location m2 Observations Natural Light
Ogival Room Ground floor 22.81 m2 Possible exhibition-multipurpose area. x
Courtyard of columns Ground floor 98.30 m2 Transit-multipurpose area. Possible exhibition space. Open space. x
Lobby Ground floor 118.90 m2 Welcome area. Accreditation desk, Cloakroom and meeting area. x
Exhibition area First floor 41.94 m2 Semi-enclosed space. Possible exhibition-multipurpose area. x
Exhibition area First floor 20.40 m2 Transit area. Possible exhibition space. Possible café area. x

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Plaza del Machete. 01001 Vitoria-Gasteiz (Álava).

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