Terms of use for wifi access services


Purpose of this document

  • The aim of these terms of use for the access services of the Vitoria-Gasteiz City Council wifi spaces is to regulate their use and determine the access conditions for content and services that, via the internet, are made available to you, the user.
  • Read these conditions carefully. Using the service provided by the CITY COUNCIL expresses the full and unreserved acceptance, on the part of the user, of each and every one of the terms of these Conditions.
  • The CITY COUNCIL reserves the right to modify, at any time, partially or completely, these terms of use.

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Users and acceptance

Users and users of legal age. By accessing the wifi services, you are granted the condition of user. This condition of user obligatorily implies the ACCEPTANCE, without reservations of any kind, of each and every one of the specified terms and conditions applicable, as the case may be, to the content or service selected. In any event, any use of the wifi space is dependent on strict compliance with these conditions, the specific conditions and any legal warnings and recommendations that may be applicable.

Users and minor users. In order to access and use the wifi spaces, minors must obligatorily obtain authorisation from their parents and/or legal guardians. If a minor accesses or uses the service, the CITY COUNCIL considers them to have the corresponding authorisation from their parents and/or legal guardian.

  • The CITY COUNCIL informs parents and/or legal guardians of said minor that the wifi space facilitates free and transparent access to the internet, which allows access to content or services which may not be appropriate or which may be prohibited for minors. Parents and/or legal guardians of minors are reminded that it is their sole and exclusive responsibility to control and decide which content and services are suitable for the minors under their responsibility.
  • The CITY COUNCIL also informs parents and/or legal guardians of the existence of software applications that allow access to content and services that they consider unsuitable for the minors under their responsibility to be blocked and filtered. Information can be found on the browser that you normally use

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Features of the wifi service offered

  • As a user, the CITY COUNCIL provides you with access to internet services.
  • The CITY COUNCIL will make every effort to guarantee the availability and accessibility of uninterrupted wifi access services. However, changes in management, the installation of new connections or the updating of the website may cause interruptions for the time required to carry out said tasks.
  • The CITY COUNCIL reserves the right to alter, with no prior warning and at any time, the provision and configuration of the access page, as well as its services. As users, you recognise and accept that, at any time, the VITORIA-GASTEIZ CITY COUNCIL may suspend, deactivate or cancel this service.
  • The CITY COUNCIL has a user support service which is available via the Municipal number 010 (945 161100 for mobile calls or those outside of VITORIA-GASTEIZ) from Monday to Friday, 8:00 am to 8:00 pm, and Saturdays from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm, which can be used to make complaints or suggestions regarding this service. Also on the municipal website, in the citizens' mailbox section, 24 hours a day, every day of the week. This address and timetable may be modified by the CITY COUNCIL.
  • All communications and notifications carried out by the CITY COUNCIL will be considered effective for all purposes when sent to the e-mail supplied by the user.
  • For the WiFi4EU wifi service offered at certain locations, the CITY COUNCIL guarantees the service under the terms of the WiFi4EU project.

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User obligations

Users must use the Wifi access service in a diligent and correct manner and agree not to use it to carry out activities contrary to law, morality, accepted good conduct and/or for illegal or banned purposes or those which are harmful to the rights and interests of third parties, as well as not using it in any way that may harm, disable, overload, deteriorate or prevent the normal use of the service, the documents, files and any type of content stored on any computing equipment which is accessible via the internet. The CITY COUNCIL declines any responsibility that may arise from any of the above.
Particularly, for guidance purposes and not exhaustive, the user agrees not to use, transfer or disclose:

  • Obscene content or materials: using the wifi access services to advertise, transfer, store, share, show or make available child pornography or obscene material. By law, the CITY COUNCIL is obliged to notify the competent authorities if this type of illegal activities is detected being transferred via the CITY COUNCIL wifi network.
  • Abusive or libellous language: using the wifi network to transfer or publicise libellous, hurtful, abusive, threatening language or that which is in opposition to the right to honour, personal and familiar privacy or the image of natural and legal people.
  • Illegal or unauthorised access to other systems or networks: illegally accessing, without permission, systems or networks that belong to another person, or trying to overcome another person's security measures (known as hacking). Any activity that may be used as the cause of an attack on a system (that is, scanning doors or the gathering of information).
  • The distribution of viruses, worms, trojans via the internet, or any other destructive activity; The distribution of information about the creation or transmission of viruses on the Internet, worms, trojans, saturation, "mailbombing" or denial-of-service attacks; The creation or management of bootnets; Also, activities which interrupt or interfere with the effective use of other people's network resources.
  • Fraudulent use of the IP address provided with each access.
  • Any other action that goes against, undermines or impinges on the Fundamental Rights and public liberties stated in the Constitution, in the International Treaties and in the rest of the current legislation in the world.
  • In the case of Wifi networks with Access Keys, the user agrees to use the login and password provided by the CITY COUNCIL in order to access the service diligently. The user agrees to keep them secret, responsible for their custody. The user must, as soon as possible, communicate the possible loss or theft of said codes so that the CITY COUNCIL can change them. The user will assume any expenses generated by the use of services by a third party up until notification of the theft or loss of the access Codes to the contracted service.

The VITORIA-GASTEIZ CITY COUNCIL aims this service at the use and enjoyment of the citizens and visitors of our city. Subsequently, as a user, you recognise and accept that the use of the wifi access service is implemented for personal and private purposes, its use for any business activity being strictly prohibited.

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Exclusion of guarantees

Given the large amount of factors external to its responsibility in the provision of a service of this type, the CITY COUNCIL does not guarantee, neither implicitly not explicitly, the services that the user hopes to obtain from the internet under all circumstances. Therefore, including but not limited to, the CITY COUNCIL does not guarantee:

  • The availability and continuity of the service performance at all times and from any place.
  • Uninterrupted and constant access of the internet services.
  • The levels of quality, interoperability, speed and functionality of the internet services that the user accesses from the wifi spaces of the CITY COUNCIL.
  • The suitability, adequacy for a particular and/or specific purpose of the services offered from the CITY COUNCIL wifi spaces.
  • The veracity, accuracy, exhaustiveness, legality, reliability, relevance and utility of the internet services accessed from the CITY COUNCIL wifi spaces.
  • The absence of viruses or any other harmful elements in the content or services facilitated via the access service provided by the CITY COUNCIL wifi spaces.
  • The unauthorised access and/or alteration of data stored and transmitted on internet sites accessed via the CITY COUNCIL wifi spaces.
  • The CITY COUNCIL, unless expressly indicated in the specific conditions, has no part in the provision of the content and/or services supplied by third parties via the wifi access spaces.
  • This CITY COUNCIL neither supervises nor controls its legality, accuracy, veracity, adequacy, quality, reliability, authenticity and/or utility, thus offering no type of guarantee regarding said content.

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As a user, you are aware and voluntarily accept that the use of the wifi spaces takes place, under all circumstances, under your responsibility. Therefore, and with the exception of cases in which the law absolutely prohibits the limitation of liability, the CITY COUNCIL bears no responsibility whatsoever regarding the uses made of this service, nor the data or information transferred to/from the internet

Namely but not exclusively, the exclusion of liability of the CITY COUNCIL includes any responsibilities derived from:

  • The absence of availability and continuity of the operation of the access service of the CITY COUNCIL wifi spaces.
  • The interruption, suspension or cancellation of access.
  • The information transmitted by users via the channel supplied by this access service.
  • The damages of any kind incurred by the inappropriate use of this service.
  • The unauthorised access of users to protected Internet sites, using any hacking, cracking, etc. technique.
  • The lack of service, slowness, etc., when caused by events of force majeure or by causes which are not due to negligent conduct on the part of the City Council.
  • Damages of any kind which may be incurred due to third parties' knowledge of users' internet use or which may be due to the access and, as the case may be, interception, elimination, alteration, modification or manipulation, in any way, of content and communications of all types transmitted, distributed, stored, made available, received, obtained or accessed by the users via the service.
  • As a user, you are aware and voluntarily accept that the third party provider of services and content, unconnected to the VITORIA-GASTEIZ CITY COUNCIL, accessed from the wifi spaces is the sole and exclusive responsible party for damages that may occur due to the provision and availability of their content and services.
  • The CITY COUNCIL does not guarantee the technical availability, quality, accuracy or veracity of the content and services available to third parties that can be accessed by users from the municipal wifi spaces. This CITY COUNCIL has no control over said content and services, accepting no liability in relation to the content and services provided.

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Personal data

  • In order to use the internet access service via the municipal wifi spaces, the CITY COUNCIL may ask you, as a user, to fill in certain registration forms with your personal data. In the specific case of the WiFi4EU network, no registration forms will be required.
  • Said personal data is processed by the CITY COUNCIL in compliance with the terms published in the data protection policy. By filling in and sending said forms, as a user, you are AWARE AND expressly AUTHORISE the VITORIA-GASTEIZ CITY COUNCIL to collect and automatically process the personal data that they request for the purposes and under the conditions detailed in said data protection policy.
  • The VITORIA-GASTEIZ CITY COUNCIL has adopted and will adopt the mandatory technical and organisational security means in compliance with the legislation currently in force and even agrees to implement additional security measures that exceed said legislation, in pursuit of a reliable and high-quality service. However, as a user, you recognise and accept that internet security measures are not impregnable, meaning that the VITORIA-GASTEIZ CITY COUNCIL is unable to guarantee full security in internet use via this service.
  • These and other conditions guaranteeing the compliance of this service with the current legislation in terms of the protection of personal data can be found in the document " Data privacy policy".

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