Mobility and transport

Here are issues related to the Subject of Mobility and transport that the City Council of Vitoria-Gasteiz has classified to enable citizens to contribute suggestions, comments and requests. Click on any of them to obtain additional information on each subject and to access -in certain cases- the contributions provided by citizens and the possible responses and announcements by the city council.

TUVISA. Urban buses

Issues related to the provision and management of this mode of public transport (stops, fares...).


Issues related to the management, monitoring and control of vehicular traffic on public roads (traffic controls and regulation, double lanes, radars, traffic light regulations...).

Cars and parking

Issues related to driving, information on traffic, parking and OTA in the municipality.

Other modes of transport-traffic

Issues related to transport and traffic that cannot be included in the previous sections.


Issues related to the provision and management of this mode of public transport (ranks, fares, taxi licensing...).


Issues related to the use and promotion of this mode of transport in the urban environment: the urban bike lane network, the organisation and management of the bicycle hire service (timetables and conditions of the loan service...), parking areas, road safety...

Removal of vehicles

Issues related to the abandonment of vehicles on public roads and to their removal, transportation and storage at municipal depots.

Signs and markings

Issues related to the installation, servicing and maintenance of road signs and markings, as well as the use of certain elements that are easily discernible by drivers (posts, bollards) in order to mark the perimeters of work areas and to help organise traffic.

Road safety

Issues related to the behaviour of pedestrians, drivers and / or passengers on public roads and that may affect the normal movement of traffic on public roads and, therefore, affect road safety (reckless driving, failure to respect road signs, mobile phone use...).

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