Coexistence and cooperation

Here are issues related to the Subject of Coexistence and cooperation that the City Council of Vitoria-Gasteiz has classified to enable citizens to contribute suggestions, comments and requests. Click on any of them to obtain additional information on each subject and to access -in certain cases- the contributions provided by citizens and the possible responses and announcements by the city council.

Cooperación al desarrollo

Temas relacionados con la gestión de la cooperación al desarrollo del Ayuntamiento de Vitoria-Gasteiz y con el fomento en la ciudadanía vitoriana de la solidaridad con los pueblos más desfavorecidos: apoyo a ONGD, a proyectos de cooperación y de educación para el desarrollo, desarrollo humano local, fortalecimiento de instituciones locales democráticas.

Coexistence and diversity

Issues related to the management of diversity and the promotion of coexistence in the city. Plans, programs and municipal resources in the areas of Functional Diversity, Interculturality, Peace and Human Rights, and Historical Memory aimed at raising awareness, visibility and participation of different groups.

Gender Violence

Other Equality, Coexistence and Cooperation

Issues related to situations related to the Area of Equality, coexistence and cooperation and that can not be included in the previous sections.


Issues related to the approach towards gender and the principle of equal opportunities that creates imbalances or discrimination based on sex in the municipal administration and in relation to the management of services and resources that the City of Vitoria-Gasteiz makes available to women, and/or their family and social circle, who have been exposed to violence