Health and consumption

Here are issues related to the Subject of Health and consumption that the City Council of Vitoria-Gasteiz has classified to enable citizens to contribute suggestions, comments and requests. Click on any of them to obtain additional information on each subject and to access -in certain cases- the contributions provided by citizens and the possible responses and announcements by the city council.


Issues related to consumer matters (misleading advertising, operation, pricing, billing, liability for damages or any other issue that may arise in connection with the provision of services...).

Health and hygiene

Issues related to public health and hygiene (presence of rats, cockroaches, food safety, air quality in municipal buildings, urban wildlife management, excrement of dogs and cats, pigeon droppings, smells, collecting dead animals...).

Street vending

Issues related to the selling products in the public streets (street vendors, markets and flea markets in public areas, illegal sales...).


Public health related issues.

Otros temas de salud pública y consumo (en)

Otros temas de salud y consumo (en)