Environment and sustainability

Here are issues related to the Subject of Environment and sustainability that the City Council of Vitoria-Gasteiz has classified to enable citizens to contribute suggestions, comments and requests. Click on any of them to obtain additional information on each subject and to access -in certain cases- the contributions provided by citizens and the possible responses and announcements by the city council.

Public sanitation / waste collection

Issues related to street cleaning, municipal urban solid waste collection, transportation and treatment in the municipality as well as urban street furniture and fittings required for the said activities (litter bins, collection schedules, collection points, street sweepers, trucks, painted, graffiti...).


Issues related to the presence, in the environment, of any chemical (pesticides, dioxins, industrial smoke and fumes from transport systems...), physical (noise...) or biological (bacteria, germs, excrement...) agents or a combination of various agents, in places, forms and concentrations that have or may have a negative effect on health, safety or the welfare of the population, or that may be harmful to animal or plant life or prevent the use or enjoyment of property and places of recreation (water, air, soil, thermal, acoustic and visual pollution).

Recycling waste products

Issues related to the management of selective domestic waste collection centres (recycling centres...), as well as containers for recycling household waste (green, yellow and blue containers).

Uncontrolled dumping

Issues related to the existence of uncontrolled dumping of urban solid waste by industrial companies and individuals in the municipality.

Environmental education

Issues related to environmental training and awareness activities (exhibitions, workshops, campaigns.).

Environmental information

Topics related to publications, technical studies... on flora, fauna, the physical environment...

Environmental actions and projects

Issues related to actions aimed at the conservation of the environment as well as environmental actions and projects: flora, fauna, water...

Other environmental aspects

Issues related to environment not included in the previous sections.