Public space

Here are issues related to the Subject of Public space that the City Council of Vitoria-Gasteiz has classified to enable citizens to contribute suggestions, comments and requests. Click on any of them to obtain additional information on each subject and to access -in certain cases- the contributions provided by citizens and the possible responses and announcements by the city council.

Damaged public streets

Issues related to the presence of any fault or damage to streets and/or public open spaces (broken tiles, manhole covers...).


Issues related to the provision and management of the Public Service dedicated to the collection, treatment and distribution of drinking water and to the treatment of wastewater in the city of Vitoria-Gasteiz and in certain villages within its area of influence (rates, meter readings, supply shutdown, water leaks...).

Public road works

Issues related to any work, installation or action performed on the ground or subsurface of roads and public municipal open spaces (dirt due to works...).

Occupying public streets

Issues related to the occupation of public roads (tables, accesses, huts, scaffolding, construction machinery, construction materials, debris, construction containers...).

Green areas

Issues related to the implementation, maintenance, use and enjoyment of green areas in the municipality, as well as the various elements found in them with a view to ensuring their conservation (irrigation, spraying trees, pruning...).

Street furniture

Issues related to the general condition of the different elements that comprise street furniture concerning both their location and the features of the said elements (benches, booths, shelters, litter bins, mailboxes, street signs, fountains, swings...).

Street lighting

Issues related to public lighting, Christmas lights and the lighting of public buildings (cast iron street-lights, lighting problems, cables on façades...).


Issues related to establishing the necessary conditions for any person to be able to have and use buildings, services or products on an equal basis with others. (Elimination of physical barriers, equal opportunities and services...).

Other public roads

Issues related to public roads and areas that cannot be included in the previous sections.