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Tourism in Vitoria-Gasteiz - How to get here


By car | By bus | By train | By plane | Find your route

By Car

If you come here by car or motorbike you can plan your trip by visiting Guia Michelin.
Information on traffic and road conditions is available at Estado de Carreteras. You can also call 945 28 20 00.

By bus

If you choose the bus, here are the adresses and telephones of the different bus companies.
If you want to move around Álava, there are also different bus lines .

By train

If you want to move by train, visit the web of the train station

By plane

Today, Vitoria-Gasteiz boasts major communications and road, rail and air transport infrastructures, with fast connections with the rest of Spain and Europe.


Vitoria-Gasteiz airport (VIT) is located 9 km from the city. It has a free, unguarded vehicle car park and a bus park. The telephone of the Radio Taxi service is 945 27 35 00.
For flight information, call: 945 16 35 91 or visit their web site.

Loiu (Bilbao)

If you arrive at Bilbao airport you can take the urban bus service (Bizkaibus) that takes you to the central Bus Station, and from there the journey to Vitoria-Gasteiz takes less than one hour.
Flight information is available by calling: 905 505 505 or by web.

Find your route

Find your route

There are several services that will inform you on the shortest or the safest route to travel between two points in Vitoria-Gasteiz. Each one has specific features tailored to the different types of travel modes available in the city.

Map of transport infrastructure in Vitoria-Gasteiz

Map of transport infrastructure in Vitoria-Gasteiz

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